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It’s never too late to make your dreams a reality. My name is Sally Pullin and I started my journey later in life and found that my creative talents, had never been the part of my life, which they were meant to be. My artistic flare has always been there, but not utilized to its full potential until now.

Zahra’s Previous Gems is an aspect of my life, that I am proud of and so are my Unique Hand Crafted Jewellery and Bridal Accessories, which are now being created. You may be asking, where the name came from; well Zahra was my late beloved Arabian horse, Precious a nickname of mine and of course Semi-Precious and Precious Gems are used in my unique pieces.

Working with Gemstones, both Precious and Semi-precious are a privilege. It is amazing what Mother Nature can produce. All my Gemstones are ethically sourced, ensuring their environment is preserved and respected as it should be. My aim is to use only quality gemstones, with a strong emphasis in making sure the environment is not damaged, when mining or collecting the gems.

Many people believe that Gemstones/Crystals have their own healing qualities and there are vast myths and legends attached to them. If this is of interest to you and you would like to know more about the pieces you purchase, then please contact me. You should, however draw your own conclusions and it is by no means a substitute for conventional medications.

The majority, of my pieces are hand crafted by me and not mass produced. The pieces of Jewellery, that I do purchase are hand selected, ethically sourced and not available in large numbers. Authenticity Cards are available for these items, upon request to validate this. They are also hand faceted by experienced Lapidarists, who are, unbelievably skilled at cutting and polishing gemstones. These people are cared for and highly respected within their community.

My Bridal pieces are all hand crafted by myself, some of which are available on my website to purchase immediately, or uniquely designed for you. This is covered in more depth under the Bridal Section.



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